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Overcoming Challenges of Implementing Internal Social Communities

Many companies and large enterprises are exploring using Social Collaboration in the form of internal social networks or communities for the first time.  In some cases, it’s replacing an enterprise-wide internal portal and sometimes it’s for a smaller, targeted group like a sales team.  Social Collaboration can be used for knowledge management, internal corporate communications, […]

Avoiding Common Mistakes Made in Enterprise Social Collaboration

As the Social Enterprise industry matures, more organizations are looking to understand how to use “social” for business and are increasingly experimenting with a variety of solutions and approaches.  When thinking about social and its application, many folks may think first of Marketing, Sales, and Customer Service – what with tools like Twitter and Facebook being […]

The Answer to “Why Should I Use [insert Social Tool]?”

Because there isn’t a good, compelling reason not to. The challenge is that there isn’t a “silver bullet” or industry secret that you haven’t yet stumbled upon, so “an (one) answer” doesn’t really exist.  The answer depends on the organization.  There has to an identified challenge or business objective to tackle – then a “Social” mindset could […]

Social Media = Social Business? Not really

Whether it’s in a client meeting, sales pitch, or a conference, Social Media and Social Business are often used as interchangeable terms – but as concepts, they’re actually quite different. Seeing the difference can help apply each concept effectively to design a solution and/or uncover opportunities for your organization. Social Media – defined specifically, these […]

How the Marketing Cloud Impacts Twitter for Business People

Now that has announced the Marketing Cloud it’s arguably more compelling for businesses and enterprises to get involved with Twitter.  With the Radian6 component of the Marketing Cloud, it’s now possible to further automate and scale efforts on Twitter because you can easily hook into a CRM system and the larger business processes at […]